Sermons from May 2016

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The Lessons From the Miracle and the Message


Matthew 20:29-34 29 As they were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed Him.30 And two blind men sitting by the road, hearing that Jesus was passing by, cried out, “Lord, have mercy on us, Son of David!” 31 The crowd sternly told them to be quiet, but they cried out all the more, “Lord, Son of David, have […]

Jesus Measures Greatness by Service


Matthew Chapter 20, beginning in Verse 17. You ever have a brother or sister, when you’re getting ready to jump in the car say, “I got shotgun!” Or maybe at Thanksgiving, or maybe when somebody walks in the door with a big bucket of chicken, somebody will say, “I got the leg! I got the […]

What Does It Take For A Person To Be Saved?


Matthew 19:13-15 What it Takes to Be Saved By Greg Hyler Let’s turn in our bibles to the gospel of Matthew Chapter 19. Going to begin in Verse 13. This morning we’re going to talk about what it takes for a person to be saved. We’re going to explore what it means to have eternal […]