Matthew 13:44-52
Luke 17:20-21

Let’s turn our bibles to the gospel according to Matthew. This morning we’ll be in Matthew chapter 13 beginning in verse 44; Jesus has been sharing with us parables, parables about the Kingdom of Heaven. And this morning we’ll look at two or three more, we’ll certainly look at two, try to look at three; the first two are going to deal with a treasure. Jesus is trying to teach us about the Kingdom of God and he’s using parables, I’ll remind you that when Jesus began using parables it was actually an act of Judgment where he began giving, teaching…but it was not teaching that was for everyone. Not everyone could understand it or receive it, people had rejected the truth that he had given and so now he was giving truth but in a sense it was veiled, and it was only understandable and recognized by those that were his true sincere followers. We need to remember that when God gives us truth, number one; he was never obligated to give us that truth to begin with but, for him to give us truth and then for us to expect that we can reject it and for him to give us more, well, there is no guarantee of that. Well, they had rejected Jesus truth and now he was changing the way that taught and he was using parables.

So this morning we’re going to look at parables about treasure, I don’t know if you’ve read this story but it just come out recently. But, there is a Nazi train it is believe that the end of World War II carried treasures, huge cargos of gold and other things that they had loaded from all over the areas that they had conquered from Russia all throughout Europe. And at the end of the war when they knew they were going to lose that train was hidden away and on his death bed one of the Nazis that most people thought that maybe that’s just a fairy tale, but there was a former Nazi that admitted on his death bed about the town where this train was supposed to be buried and the pass few weeks it’s believe to have been found. They had done underground sonar testing or something to that effect and you can actually see the pictures where you can see the outline of a tank on a train track and then these other cargo things where they believe they pull this underground, covered it up, buried it, but they haven’t gotten into it yet because they believe that it’s being booby trapped; they’re trying to figure out how best they can get into this treasure. I don’t know if you’ve ever dreamed about finding a treasure, a treasure of great, great value or great, great wealth but I know a lot of people have, I imagined every senior adult that had ever walked down Mer Beach with a metal detector in their hand or every little boy in his back yard that have a shovel that began digging hoping to find some buried treasure back there. Lot of people dream about finding buried treasure, finding some kind of treasure that was hidden away, well Jesus is going to use that idea to prompt us to think about the Kingdom of Heaven and what he has to say. But there are treasures out there to be found certainly though, this is the most valuable that one could come across, let me read the text of scripture and let’s talk about what Jesus was trying to teach us about the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of Heaven, and beginning at verse 44. Matthew chapter 13 the Bible says “The king of heaven is like a hidden treasure, a treasure hidden in the field which a man found and he hid and found joy over it he goes and he sell everything he has and he buys that field. Again, the Kingdom of heaven is like merchant seeking fine pearl and upon finding one pearl of great value he went and sold everything he had and he bought it.” And let’s just stop right there and think about for just a minute what Jesus is telling us about these treasures that he is referring to; first of all let’s just talk for a minute about what the Kingdom of heaven is, what that means. When Jesus taught his disciples to pray he says “pray, thy will be done, thy Kingdom come on earth the way that it is in heaven.” In heaven God reigns, he reigns perfectly. There is a spiritual realm another dimension called heaven and in that place there is no rebellion against God, there is no sin, everyone loves God, everyone there is perfect in every way and everyone correctly serves God. Now, when God created this universe and put human beings with a limited free will on this earth, he gave us well, I don’t know if we’d say it’s the right, but the ability to rebel against him and humanity chose to follow a murder, a liar and a thief call Satan instead of following God.

So we live in a state of sin and rebellion against God, so whilst God kingdom and God is King over his kingdom in heaven here on earth you have those that are rebellion against his kingdom. And the Bible says “all of humanity is become sinners,” because we have all chosen to turn our backs on God and to follow the devil and so hopefully, we would pray that God’s kingdom would come to earth where you and I would serve God and surrender to God and follow God the way that God is being followed and obeyed in heaven and God’s kingdom would come. But when you have a kingdom there is a king and Jesus is the King of this kingdom and for Jesus to come to earth, the kingdom had arrive because the king had arrive.  Now you and I can get in and be a part of this kingdom by putting our faith and trust in Jesus and following Him.  So there’s a kingdom.  There’s a kingdom that’s come to earth in Jesus and the kingdom has arrived and Jesus is teaching us about this kingdom.  So it says the kingdom is like a great, great, treasure.  And we love to think about finding treasure.  At least I think a lot of people do because we have movies that are made about this sort of thing.  Ah, the Titanic is one that just comes to mind about a ship that was sunk and there was great treasure on that ship and the movie was about this great, great prize that would be found if you could only find the ship.  And some people were out there looking for it for years and years and years.  And finally it’s discovered and it’s so exciting   that movies were even made about it.

I remember when I was a teenager, a man went off the coast of, I believe it was of Florida, and found a sunken ship with hundreds of millions of dollars of, of treasure that had, that had been there on the ocean floor ever since, well, going back hundreds and hundreds of years.  And he was pulling up gold chains and bars of silver and just great wealth that all of a sudden had come to him. Well. That’s what Jesus is talking about here; the kingdom of heaven is like a great treasure.

Now, in the illustration Jesus uses, He says, now, look, it’s like a hidden treasure.  Why in the world would anybody ever hide a treasure like that in a field?  Is this just some kind of fairytale or story?  Oh no, actually it’s not.  In that day, now you got to, in your minds you go back two thousand years to the time when Jesus lived.  In that day, you didn’t have a bank, you didn’t have safes, you didn’t have safety deposit boxes. You didn’t have even locks on your homes.  So what if you worked all year as a farmer and you went and sold some of your crops and you had some money and that day you would have had big bags of coins.  What do you do with that?  Because at some point you got to leave your house.  You got to go to work, and you just got open windows and doors, anybody can get in.

Or maybe you are traveling at some point, or maybe like we’ve seen on Wednesday nights, an enemy army comes in and invades the land, and if they conquer you and take you over they’re gonna want everything that they can get their hands on.  What do you do with it?  What do you do if you have gotten any kind of thing that you want to save?  Something that’s prized by you that you want to put in a safe place? Well, here is what you do: you go to your field. And you don’t’ go there in the day time when anybody can see you. You go there at night.

And maybe you might find a stump or something like that or you go to the corner of the field, but at night you go and you bury that, that money or that treasure that you got.  You put it down there and if you ever need it then you go back at night some other time, you go late at night, and you dig it up and you get out what you need and you bury the rest and you, you come back again.  And that’s what people did

So what happens if, you may be a worker in a field plowing up the land or, or you’re passing through a field one day and the rain has come and it’s washed away some of the dirt and you see sticking out of the ground something that just catches your eyes gleaming and sparkling as the bright sun hits it?  You walk around and you begin and there’s a treasure and it’s a great treasure, it’s a very, very valuable find.  Well, you do what you can to get it, right? In the, in the law in that day and time is kind of like what we have now, its finders keepers.  They had a rabbinic law back then, if you find something and there’s no way to, to figure out who it belongs to, then the right for that possession becomes yours. So this guy says, “Well, I don’t feel right taking off this piece of land because the land does not belong to me, so I’m gonna go and I’m gonna buy the land and in that way everything that’s on the property automatically comes to me.  It should be mine anyway, but I’m gonna do what’s right, so I’m go buy this land and obviously if the guy that owns the land had buried it he’d get it out the land before he sold it.  So this guy did not put it there and it’s not his.  It was put there a long time ago.”  But he finds this great treasure and he buys the land and he does whatever he’s got to do to get this piece of property because he wants the treasure that’s on it.

And Jesus goes on to tell another story.  He says it’s like a merchant that deals in pearls.  And He says, but he finds this one pearl of great, great price, great value.  Now, what was that in their day and time?  Well again, go back in your mind two thousand years ago.  If you wanted to have something that was a store of wealth, well you might buy a pearl because a pearl was in their day and time like maybe a diamond or ruby is in our day and time.  It was the most valuable gem that you could own.  They were very scarce, very rare because it was very hard for them to get to.  You didn’t have cultured pearls, things like that.  You had to get these divers that went way down under the water, find these things and bring them up.  And, and it was a type of thing that kings and queens had.  Well, let’s say you had some money and you don’t want to carry, maybe, on a long trip a big sack of coins, so you take that sack of coins and you trade it for one little pearl and that little pearl can be carried very easily and it can be hidden away maybe in a pocket or sew it into your clothing somewhere so nobody could find it.  But that’s what you would do, you would invest in pearls.  It was a way to maintain and hold on to your wealth and to be able to move around and transfer that wealth and even make an investment that might grow in value over time. So, pearls were very, very, very valuable.

Think about the story Jesus told one time where he said, “Don’t throw your pearls before the swine.” And what He was saying was that there are those out there who absolutely reject the gospel.  They reject the truth, they reject teaching and they are like, they are like pigs that would not appreciate something of beauty and value like a pearl.  And for you to take the most valuable  thing that you own and throw it down before a pig is like taking the gospel and giving it out in that way.  He said, “Don’t throw your pearls before the swine.” And they would have all gotten that because they knew how valuable these sorts of things were.

So here it is on one hand. You have a man that finds a treasure in a field and that treasure is very valuable and he would sell anything he had to get a hold of that treasure. On the other, hand you have a merchant that’s deal in pearls all the time and he looks at them and examines them and all of a sudden he comes upon one that is of very, very great value.  More so than anything like he’d never in his life found anything so wonderful so amazing.  He’d get rid of everything he has just to get that one pearl.  And Jesus says that’s what the kingdom of heaven is like.  So Jesus has been teaching about the kingdom of heaven and He’s been laying this foundation, He’s been planting this seed, and He’s been building people up, He’s talking about so many different things that have to do with that.  The question that would have come in everybody’s mind back in that day is this, “Alright Jesus we’ve heard you talk about the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven,  we wanna, how do you get in on this? Ok Jesus, you’ve taught us all about it, we know what you are talking about, but what I want to know Jesus, Am I part of that kingdom of heaven?  How do you get into the kingdom of heaven?  Can you get out once you get in? What are we talking about here?  Are you Jewish? Are you born into the kingdom of heaven?  Are you part of it, part of the family of humanity?  What has to happen in my life to guarantee me that I am part of this kingdom of heaven?”  And that’s what Jesus is teaching us about today.  He’s talking about the kingdom of heaven, or the kingdom of God and He’s talking about it in the terms of a great treasure.  So let me give you about five thoughts about what Jesus has taught us in these few parables and that will maybe bring all this into clarity.

Number one, the first thing that is very obvious, the thing we’ve been hitting on over and over again; is that the kingdom of heaven is a priceless treasure.  It is absolutely the most valuable thing any person on this planet can possibly possess.  Because the kingdom of heaven guarantees you so much.  If you ‘re part of that kingdom then there is so much that accrues to you that’s it’s amazing.  We’ve already sang about it and I’ve heard even prayers and talks about how the blood of Jesus washes away our sin.  And so many of us have a guilty conscience because of the things that we’ve done in our life that we knew were wrong, it bothers us. But do you know that your conscience can be washed clean. In the book of Hebrews teaches us when you experience forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven, we can, we can feel spiritually that we’ve been cleansed.  We can no longer have to fear dying or fear even standing before God.

Do you know that when the gospel comes into your life, relationships between people are restored?  Jesus can heal a broken heart, but he can also mend a relationship. You get two people that are Christians, they can come together after finding forgiveness in Jesus, they’ll forgive one another, they’ll love one another when they use to be enemies.  Jesus brings so much to you and I.  There is a great treasure that we experience.  We are adopted into God’s family. We are part of God’s kingdom.  We are going to inherit the earth.  And Jesus reminds us in His teachings, what good does it do you, if you gain everything in this world and you lose your soul!

So that’s why it’s such a great treasure. You have something that you’ll never lose.  Everything you gain in this life; wealth, trucks, houses, families; everything, it doesn’t’ matter what you’ve got, whatever you got in the bank, whatever, you lose everything.  Name a person that’s died who still got what they have here when they were here?  You’re leaving it all behind if it doesn’t go before you leave.  What you’ve got with Jesus is priceless.  It is a priceless, wonderful, beautiful, valuable treasure. Not all that.  But here’s what’s interesting about the two stories Jesus tells:  People come to the knowledge about the kingdom in different ways.

Here it is Jesus tells the story on one hand, says here’s a guy he’s walking along and minding his own business.  He’s not looking for a treasure.  He just happens upon it, right?  Now isn’t that the way that it happens to a lot of people?  You’re not looking for it, they’re not out there seeking, they’re just random right?  Walking around, minding my own business, and all of a sudden, look what I found!  Sometimes it happens that way.  Sometimes it happens that those that aren’t even looking for it, it’s almost like you’re blind-sided by it.  This comes to you and it’s revealed to you, and it’s not something that you were seeking, but it’s something that you discover.  And on the other hand, there are some people out there and they are looking and they are seeking and they are studying and they are learning.  There is a merchant and he deals in pearls, right.  And he knows what a pearl look like, and he knows what makes one valuable. All of his life he’s dealt in these things and he’s gotten one after another, after another, after another.  And then he finds the real deal.  Great pearl, great price, beauty in size, value, everything.  By far outweighs all the other pearls combined.  And there are people out there like that.  There are some people that are out there, seeking God, looking for God.  Now listen, if we’re seeking, it’s because God’s done something in our hearts.  Nobody first seeks God.  But there’s something that God stirs up in people that draws them in such a way and they begin looking.  And they’re looking and they’re seeking.  Until they hear about Jesus and hear the gospel they have nothing to respond to.  So they might try religion, after religion, after religion after religion, try different ways, different methods, come up with different ideas, are always reading books, are always studying; but then they find that pearl of great price, and they say, “forget everything else, I just want the one, because that is the most valuable.  That one is the great, great treasure.  And if I could possess nothing else but that, that’s what I want.”

So everybody comes to the knowledge of the kingdom of God in different ways.  How did you come about it?  In your life, was it random?  Was it kind of a chance thing?  You were not there looking to see someone to talk to you, to share it with you?  Was there a deep hunger in your life, and was there a seeking and a searching and a process that you went through, and a studying?  And you found so many things, that boy, boy I got something here but it’s not really valuable.  I have something that’s not really valuable.  But then you found, alright, this is a great, great treasure.  I want it, I want Christ, I want Christianity.

People come to this treasure in lots of different ways.  The kingdom of god is discovered in different circumstances.  But, but here is the third thing that you got to know about the kingdom of heaven:  not only is it a treasure and people come to it in different ways, but listen to what I’m about to say; you’ve got to not only discover it, whatever way you come across it, but you’ve got to see it as a treasure.  Are you following me?  There may be a treasure there, but if you don’t think it’s a treasure, if you don’t think it’s valuable, if you don’t think its worth what it’s worth, then you’re not going to do anything about it.  So if you discover a treasure and know the value of it and see spiritually through eyes of faith what it is that God is offering you then you’ll do anything to get it.  But until you see the value of what God is offering, you are not going to do anything, because you don’t think it’s worth what it’s really worth.  When you discover the treasure and then understand the value, because there is a lot of people in this world that know about Jesus, know about the Bible, know about its teaching they sit in churches, they sleep through churches sometimes, but sometimes they actually listen and hear and they learn, they got some things that they understand, but to them there’s no value there

What they value is something else other than God.  What they value is something else other than the kingdom.  And so they put those things first and they hold on to those things instead of surrendering those things in order to gain the kingdom.  So, you’ve got to see it, and the only way you gonna see it is with the eyes of faith.  I’m gonna show you one more scripture and then, this is the only one.  Luke 17, if you would throw that up there for me, Jean.  Here is what the Bible says, what Jesus was teaching about, Luke 17:20.  “Now having been questioned by the Pharisees as to when the kingdom of God is coming,” so they don’t even think that the kingdom of God has arrived because they don’t recognize Jesus as the king.  There idea about the kingdom is something different from what it really was.  So here is how he answered:  The kingdom of god is not coming with signs to be observed.  You’re not gonna see it, that’s what Jesus says. You’re not gonna say, “look there it is!”  Jesus said the kingdom of God is in your midst.  It’s here, but there’s no throne to look at, right?

There’s no crown, there’s no scepter.  There’s a king and there’s a kingdom and it is real and it will survive this world, and the king will live forever.  He’ll reign forever, but you’ve got to see with eyes of faith.  If you could see it now.  What if you could see streets of gold, gates of pearl, a great city, a king sitting enthroned above the universe?  There would be no doubt, there would be no question.  Jesus said it’s not gonna be like that for you.  You’ve got to understand that there is something that is real, that is there, and it’s offered and it is a treasure.  But until you see it as something desirable and needful and necessary; and by the way, part of that won’t ever come until you see yourself as a depraved, wicked sinner.  Because why do you want the treasure Jesus offers? Because the treasure He offers is a true king. I mean, He’s going to be Lord of your life, your sins washed away well, if you don’t think that you’re a sinner, you don’t think you need that. If you don’t think you’re bad or you compare yourself to everybody else.  You don’t think that you’ll stand before God and be judged one day and be held accountable and be found guilty.  Why do you want the treasure?  It’s not valuable to you, you don’t need it.  It would be like you going to the doctor and the doctor says I’m gonna give you a shot and it’s gonna cure you and you say I’m not sick.  He says you are sick.  No I’m not, I don’t want it.  Well, if you think you’re sick and you’re dying, you’ll want it.  But you won’t want it until you think that the doctor knows what he is talking about.

When God has diagnosed us he saying that we’re sinners and the only cure is Jesus.  You can die forever, or you can live forever.  The choice is yours.  The kingdom of God is a great treasure.  People come to know about the treasure in lot of different ways.  But you got to see it as a treasure.  But when you see, understand you are seeing with the eyes of faith.

Here is the fourth thing that we need to know about it:  In both stories, we understand that the person responds to what he’s found in a very positive way.  In fact, in the first one, the Bible says here and from joy he goes and he sells everything that he has.  The idea of possessing this treasure brings you great, great joy.

You don’t come upon a treasure and say, I’m so… it’s so miserable…I don’t… I can’t believe…I got to take that? I don’t want that.  You don’t talk like that. You got a treasure, I mean, if you find a winning lottery ticket and a hundred million dollars, it’s yours you have to turn that thing in and cash it.  I’m so sad, I didn’t want that.  Who in the world wants that? Think of all the taxes I have to pay. Think of all the trouble I’m gonna have.  All my relatives are going to call me now, want money.  You don’t think like that.  You dance, you do a jig.  You tell everybody.  You shout glory and sing hallelujah.  Look what I got!  I got this lottery ticket.  Jackpot! Right?  For joy, the man sells everything that he’s got because all he wants is the treasure.

So there’s a treasure.  But you got to see it as a treasure. You gonna find out about it in a different way.  But listen, if you see it for what it is and you understand it can be yours, there’s a lot of joy gonna come into your life.

Now here is the last thing.  You’ve got to acquire this treasure.  You see, in both stories, neither person had the treasure until they had the treasure, right?  It wasn’t theirs until it was theirs. You got to obtain it.  You don’t possess it until you actually possess it.  Something got to happen, A transaction got to take place.  It’s not theirs and then it’s theirs.  So again, Jesus is talking about the kingdom of heaven.  We said how do I come to get in this kingdom?  How do I come?  And Jesus said we got to acquire it, we got to possess it.  Now listen, this is something that we talk about before, but I’m going to remind you about it again.

When you talk about the free gift of God being eternal life in Christ Jesus, a free gift is what it is.  It is a gift. You don’t buy it, you don’t earn it, you don’t work for it, you don’t pay for it.  If you do it’s not a gift.  It’s a free gift.  The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus, but if you receive that gift, there is a cost.  The cost is not what you pay to get it, but there is going to be a cost.  And now, we talk about that before, but I don’t want you to ever think that you are going to earn or buy or even work to the point where you actually deserve what God wants to give you. The free gift is for anyone and everyone and the only way you get a gift is to receive it.  Now, if you don’t think that there is a gift, you are not going to receive it, because you say there is no gift out there for me.  But if someone has a gift for you and they offer it to you then what you can do is say, I don’t want it or you say I want it, I’ll take it, I receive it.

So when I was twenty-one years old I received God’s free gift. It was mine.  But listen, it cost me.  But I wasn’t paying for the gift.  The cost is what I give up when I get the gift.  I lose some things when I gain something.  I don’t go bar hopping anymore, I don’t get drunk anymore.  I had false gods, false idols in my life that I worship.  I don’t worship those anymore.  Some people worship false religions.  Some people practice deviancy.  Sin is something that people very much value in their life.  They do things that they feel give them self- worth, self –value. They in their mind they are what they do.  That’s how they think, so this is who I am.  Well, when you come to Christ, your identity becomes I’m a Christian, I’m a follower of Jesus.  You lose your old identity.  So when I gain the identity of I am a child of God, a follower of Jesus you don’t lose something else.  If your identity is I’m party animal, I hit every cake party, or I’m the wild man, or I’m the wild woman, or whatever it is.  You see you are gonna lose something when you gain something.  And there is a cost associated with that.  Now, whatever you give up, by far what you gain is better.  You would never ever give it up unless you thought that what you’re getting is better than what you’re losing.

I use to listen to an old, old hymn.  You all might remember this a long time ago. [Singing] “Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Jed, poor mountaineer but he kept his family fed.” You all grew up watching that? “Then one day he was shooting at some food, up through the ground came a what? A bubbling crew.” That’s right, black gold.  Texas tea.  Here it is. A piece of property and underneath it is what?  Great treasure, right? He’s not a hill Billy anymore.  Now he’s a Beverly Hill Billy, right?

Let’s say you found oil on a piece of ground there.  The property is for sale. You could possess that thing; I’m just throwing number there, $100,000.  To a lot of people that’s a lot of money.  Some of you all might be smart than most people it is. So let’s say in order to get that piece of property you would have to empty your bank account, mortgage your house or sell your…you would have to sell your car, you would have to, take the gold teeth out your mouth and sell that in order to get the very last cent.  Would you do it?  Would you not be a fool not to?  If you could trade something that’s worth very little by comparison for something of immense worth, priceless.  Wouldn’t you do it?  Jesus said the kingdom of God is like that.  The kingdom of God will be yours when you are willing to get rid of everything else in order to have it.  If you want to keep your sin and say, I don’t want to repent, you don’t have to.  But what you think you’re doing is you think you’re holding on to something that is valuable to you, but you’re missing out on something far more valuable.  You don’t want to lose your false gods or change your religion.  If you’re worried about losing your friends, if you’re worried about losing your popularity, you’re worried about losing your position in life.  Maybe you got a self- righteous about you.  We sing songs that go like this “I surrender all, I surrender all.”  You know why we sing it?  Because Jesus teaches that for you to come to him you surrender all.  He says, if you want to follow me you take up your cross and come after me.  The cross is an instrument of death.  I’ve died to my old way of life. I’ve risen anew to Christ Jesus.  I’m following Jesus now. We go in the baptismal pool to picture that, don’t we?  I’ve died to an old way of life.  A way of life that didn’t know God, that didn’t love God, that didn’t follow God.  I mean, if I ask you questions like this: is Jesus first in your life? Do you love Jesus above all else? The Bible says, “where your treasure is there your heart is.”  You believe that? What do you think about? What do you talk about?  What’s important to you?  Where do you spend your time?  Where do you put your money? I can tell you what your treasure is.  What would you hold on to that is so valuable to you that it’s not worth it to let it go to have heaven?  Some people it’s a girlfriend or a boyfriend.  Sometimes it’s a job.  Sometimes it’s a way of life. Sometime it’s our sin, their addictions, whatever.  Sometimes it’s money.  You’re going to hear about a guy that his god was his money.  Jesus talks about it.  He was called the Rich Young Ruler.  We don’t have to know his name because the early church didn’t get his name because he never got saved.  His money was his god.  Jesus says “you got to turn that loose if you want me to be your God.” He said no, I’ll keep my money.  He’s been in hell for two thousand years now, he’s never got saved, never can get saved now, he missed it.

What’s so valuable to you that the world, the flesh, the desire that you, what is it that you would hold on to in order to miss the treasure? Jesus said do you want to know what the kingdom of heaven is like. It’s like a treasure; it’s like a pearl of great price.  And the wise person that discovers it for joy knows that he can have it. Even if it costs him everything, they get rid of everything to have that.  That’s what the kingdom of heaven is like.  You don’t have to beg people like that to go to church. They got joy, they got the treasure.  You don’t have to beg them to love God and serve God.  Jesus is first in their life.  He is priority for them.  We’ve heard Jesus leading up to this talk about a few different things.  You know what He talked about?  He says sometimes the seed of God goes out and it lands on a good heart and it produce fruit.  He said but sometimes it will land on a heart that is full of the world, and the world will choke it out, the thorns of the world. And the persons more interested in the worldliness than they are in God, ends up producing no fruit…, Sometimes the seed of the word of God, the gospel, goes out and it looks like it comes up real quick, but it doesn’t last.  It’s got no root it’s got no foundation.  Sometimes when they even get on a hard path, the devil comes snatch it away.  In other words, He was teaching about, maybe what we sometimes call the wheat and the tares.  Sometimes there are those that are the real deal and sometimes there are those that are just, they are not.

And  do you think that what He’s been teaching on has something to say to us, that it is possible that there are some who hear about the word of God and sometimes they respond in joy but they don’t last very long.  Or there are some that they respond, but they get choked out by the things of the world. But there are some that they hear it and they say you know what?  I want Jesus.  I want the treasure.  I don’t care what it costs me, because there is nothing I’ve got that’s worth missing Jesus. I don’t want the world; I don’t care about the persecution or the pain that might come my way.  I don’t care, I just want Jesus. If that is the desire of your, if you see the joy of the treasure, it can be yours. And when you came upon it, is that how it happen to you?

Would you bow your heads with me for just a moment?  We’re gonna pray, we’re gonna have a time of invitation. Today may be the day when you need to respond. Because maybe today God open your heart, your mind and your eyes.  Maybe today for the first time you see that if you got everything you’ve got and got every dream and wish in your life and miss Jesus, then you would have nothing and you want Jesus. Would you come by faith today and put your faith and trust in Jesus for your salvation.  He died for you, He’s alive today.  Come meet me at the front.  We’ll pray together.  You can call out to God and ask Him to save you.  Brothers that want to come and pray, you come.  “Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask you through the power of the Holy Spirit to draw all people to yourself.  God for the Christians that may be caught up in the world right now or maybe falling away, God I pray they see the joy and the treasure that you are.  God I pray that they’d recommit their lives to you today and be so thankful for all you’ve done for them.  God, for those that don’t know you, may they turn loose today, may they surrender all and say yes to Jesus.  Thank you for what you did for us, Lord.  It’s in your name we pray, amen.”